Boldness Bagged: Peanuts That Pack a Punch

In case you were wondering: Yep, we’re offering you a snack!

That’s the polite thing to do, right? Yeah, our mamas taught us well. Plus, what goes better with sweet than salty? 

Fun Fact: Did you know that there have been two presidents who were peanut farmers? True story. Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter both worked peanut farms. What could be more American than that!

Seriously, though. After all this talk of ice-cold well-crafted cans of nostalgia (i.e. our sodas), we thought that creating all-American snacks that take you back to memories of baseball games with dad would be a perfect addition to the Wild Bill’s line!

If America had a classic snack food as its mascot, it would have to be the peanut.

And being the all-American team that we are, we wanted to formally introduce you to our newest members of the Wild Bill family! They’re handcrafted with love and locally sourced.

Garlic Crunchy Coated Peanuts 

AKA: Bite-sized pieces of garlicky heaven.

PAIRS WITH: Texas-style BBQ  and classic savory fair foods. Washes down well with Dr. Bill’s or Birch Beer.

PERFECT FOR: Bringing to parties when you don’t want to be boring but also don’t want to cook.

After all, these are destined to be shared. Who wants to be the only one with garlic breath? Nobody. That’s who.

So grab, tear, and share away!

Coconut Crunchy Coated Peanuts

AKA: Dessert nut

PAIRS WITH: Fried foods! Fried Oreos, donuts, funnel cake. Oh, wait. You want real food. Try this with an assortment of Indian or Asian dishes. Wash it down with our Wild Bill’s Vintage Vanilla Cream soda!

PERFECT FOR: Dessert! Or in a dessert. On a dessert. We’re not fussy. These are so yummy and crunchy, they can be used for multiple different occasions!

Fun Fact #2: Did you know there are six cities in the United States named Peanut? No, we’re not kidding. 

>> Peanut, CA

>> Lower Peanut, PA

>> Upper Peanut, PA

>> Peanut, PA (apparently Pennsylvania loves peanuts)

>> Peanut, TN

>> Peanut, WV

The more ya know, right?

Original Crunchy Coated Peanut

AKA: Old reliable

PAIRS WITH: Asian food cravings. This classic peanut with a twist is kissed with Asian spices, a dash of garlic, and a hint of salt. Wash it down with our Orange Cream soda and you’ll ditch that craving in no time!

PERFECT FOR: Snacking, topping Asian dishes, football games (at home on the couch or in the stadium), sharing. 

Did we mention that all of our peanut selections are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan? Well, now we have. Our snacks are as wholesome as your mama’s Instagram. 


Spicy Chili Crunchy Coated Peanuts

AKA: The spice of life

PAIRS WITH: Any food that can handle the spicy goodness and keep your tongue from catching on fire. (We’re kidding. Sort of). Wash these down with any of our Will Bill’s crafted beverages!

PERFECT FOR: Challenging your friends with how many they can eat before having to drink something! We’re talking frat parties, bar crawls, game nights. May also be found at wholesome family events!

Fun Fact #3 (Last one. We promise.): Goober, a nickname for peanuts, comes from the word nguba. The word “nguba” is Congo language for peanut.

So go grab your goobers! Whether you’re into spicy or sweet or somewhere in between, we’ve got a peanut for that!

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