Proudly Served by Those Who’ve Served

As a veteran-owned and operated company, Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co. does more than just serve up the most delicious, authentic, vintage sodas and craft beverages in America. We go out of our way to invest in the men and women who put their lives on the line for our great country, and for everyone who lives here.

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Ride with Wild Bill.

We’ve been on the trail for more than 20 years, pulling our wagon all across the nation, serving up our carefully concocted, traditionally crafted, (secret) authentic recipes at events, markets, conferences and gatherings of like-minded flavor-seekers.

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Woah there, partner! You sure you’re ready for this? Whichever carefully concocted, authentic craft beverage is waiting for you beyond this point, once you open it, there’s no turning back. You’ll be swimming in a sea of nostalgia, relaxing into memories of simpler times, and rejoicing in an experience that might be days before you’re back.

Love the olde fashioned taste

The most fabulous customer support service ever! Love the olde fashioned taste of Outlaw Orange and every time I'm missing my favorite CON, I can order Wild Bill's and feel like I'm part of the excitement again. Thanks guys, for supporting Vets. Lost of Love xoxo.

Christina T.

I LOVE your sodas

I LOVE your sodas. It is hard to find soda with NO high fructose corn syrup."

Crystal B

pretty great drink

I love Outlaw Orange and Vintage Vanilla Cream, and I don’t like cream soda or orange soda normally, really at all, so I don’t know what you do different, but it is great!

Shelby L.

5 Stars: I LOVE my Double Barrel Mug!

I love my mug! In fact, I now have a total of 6 mugs! They are really cool. My friends ask me about them all the time! You won't be disappointed. I love this company.

Steve L.

High-Quality and Highly Flavored!

I swear, every single one of these that I cracked open seemed to taste even better than the last! The combination of lighter carbonation and real sugar work beautifully and compliment the taste perfectly. I've never personally had a Wild Bill's soda before now, but you can count on me to be a long time fan!


Best Root Beer

Shipped SUPER fast, and in sturdy packaging. The root beer was BY FAR the best I’ve tasted. Can’t wait to try other flavors. Will recommend, for sure.

Connor R.

More Than Just Nostalgia

I bought these initially for nostalgia reasons, thinking back to the flavors I’ve only had as a kid. My entire family loved all of the flavors. These did more than bring back memories, we love them and are making new memories. Thank you Wild Bill!

Andrew N

Wonderful Flavors and Customization

I love Wild Bill's Soda! I do prefer the Sarsaparilla to the Root beer and they let me change the Root beer in this pack to the Sarsaparilla. Ordering is very easy and shipping is fast!

Meaghan M

Refreshing and Tasty

I tend to avoid soda pop. It's not worth the calories. And I don't like the taste of diet sodas. However, I *love* grape soda. Grape soda makes me feel 7 years old. I entered a sweepstakes for Wild Bill's and decided to give the product a try. I ordered a case of grape and a case of variety. Each day I try a different soda in the evening as my "dessert." Love them! But, my favorite is Grape. Taste is very good--no "artificial" taste. Cane sugar makes a huge difference.

Jennie K

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You’re not “just about to grab a soda”, you’re heading off on a tastebud-dazzling journey into the world of flavor, with yours truly - the one and only Wild Bill - as your guide.