How To Make The Best Root Beer Float

Everyone loves a classic Wild Bill's Root Beer Float – a timeless, delicious beverage recipe made with frothy root beer, creamy vanilla ice cream, and a few other ingredients that takes it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Here’s how to make the absolute BEST one:

Nothing beats a Wild Bill's Root Beer Float! A DOSE OF NOSTALGIA!

To begin, there are only two primary ingredients, so make sure they’re premium quality! Start with a bold, pure cane sugar root beer like Wild Bill's Rocky Mountain Root Beer, and your FAVORITE vanilla ice cream.

Wild Bill's Root Beer Floats should be served in a signature Wild Bill's Stainless Steel MUG (or a tall glass). To make them extra frosty, chill the MUG in the freezer ahead of time!

When it’s time to create this heavenly treat, drop on in two (or four) scoops of the ice cream! Next, carefully pour the root beer in to avoid overflow and fizzing!

Top with whip cream and a maraschino cherry, and you're good to go.


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  • In Sturgis South Dakota during the Bike Week, Wild Bill’s is next to an Ice Cream Stand. We would fill our mugs with vanilla soft serve, add Root beer and ENJOY!! I hope Ice Cream is next door for the 81st Rally!!

    Fred McLean

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