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Flavor Lovers

Flavor Over Everything

Soda and sauces destined to be shared and savored! Pick your pop, select your steel mug and choose your condiments. Reward yourself with a bundle of deliciousness from Wild Bill's.

Fall Flavors Variety Pack


Untamed Variety Pack


Original Variety Pack


Mixed Root Beer Variety Pack


Low Sugar Variety Pack


Pumpkin Spice


Apple Pie


Hot Toddy


Root Beer


Low Sugar Root Beer


Vanilla Cream


Low Sugar Orange Cream


Low Sugar Vanilla Cream


Orange Cream


Black Cherry




Birch Beer




Ginger Ale




Strawberry Cream




Dr. Bill's


Low Sugar Black Cherry


Antique Copper Insulated Tankard


Stainless Steel Double Barrel


Rustic Copper Double Barrel


NY Comic Con Black Single Barrel


NY Comic Con Rainbow Double Barrel


NY Comic Con Silver Single Barrel


Mystery Double Barrel


Black Metallic Konami Code Double Barrel


NY Comic Con Rustic Copper Double


Metallic Rainbow Double Barrel


Black Don't Tread Double


Stainless Steel TRIPLE Barrel


Don't Tread Rustic Copper


Black Metallic Insulated Tankard


Mystery Single Barrel


Blue Metallic Insulated Tankard


Konami Code Single Barrel


Metallic Green I Love Anime Double


Antique Silver Double Barrel


Rainbow Unicorn Double Barrel


Red Metallic UwU Double Barrel


UwU Metallic Single Barrel


Classic Campfire Mug


Rainbow Classic Campfire Mug


Stainless Steel Single Barrel


BIG Ol' Campfire Mug


Metallic Rainbow Single Barrel


Speckled USA Single Barrel


Rustic Copper Single Barrel


Gold Double Barrel


Two Tone "Ombre" Single Barrel


Speckled USA Double Barrel


Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce


Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce


Outlaw Orange Hot Sauce


Georgia Mop BBQ Sauce


Sundrenched Habanero Hot Sauce


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